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Details, details

How often do we get stuck on the serious side of sex, something that is not in any way designed to be serious at all. Not at all past our enjoyment, but most of the time we end up getting stuck on the seriousness of the things that surround the act. The trappings of sex: the dress, the style, the attitude. Now mind you, I think that the mental aspect of sex is of vital importance, but that is not all there is by a long shot. There are also the little things to examine, the things that pass by quickly, or things that we are so used to that we hardly pause to give them their due respect. I hope to fix that. If the devil is in the details,

Is there a word for the perfect point of balance during penetration? The point of that sudden shock and gasp from the lady, the point of being surrounded by the man. If not there should be. It should be a long word with double esses, and it should look beautiful on the mouth of a woman saying that that is what she wants. It should be a word of anticipation, a word lovers can come together to, a word to melt flesh: "When I see you, all I want to know is______." There should be an effort for us to experience that moment as often as possible. Not as a prelude to sex, ( or not just as a prelude to sex), but just for the sake of the feeling itself. quicker than a "nooner" and with the opposite effect. Just the gasp and that perfect warmth, and then done. Not diminishing the need , but growing it completely till one or the other of us cannot stop there. That feeling should have a word.

How long since you have done without? Not without sex itself, ( that would be crazy), but without the old standards, the reliables, the crutches? Give a thought to breaking out of the pattern. Instead of sex as a long languid experience, the stuff of epic poems, how about sex to make you cum. Just to make you cum on my mouth or my cock or my hand, for no other reason than I can, and you could not stop it if you tried. Weak kneed, "this is mine" action, not enough time to make you sweat, but enough powto make you walk funny and forget your home address. Examine the minutiae. Tell me the one act, or part, or sensation you like and we'll indulge ourself in that alone. Not as a tease, but as examination, just to see how far it could drive you, what would become of you and your body if that was all you felt. See if it would make you cum eventually, or just beg for it instead.

Or how about something not usually on the radar at all? Let me write to you, like I write here, on something that you love. About something that you love being done to you in detail. Maybe my head between your legs, maybe a set piece on how I bind you and leave you wide open step by step. Perhaps a treatise on the usefulness of toys on certain areas of your body. And while you read, I do. Not just to see if I have read you right, Not just to see if you can make it all the way through without faltering in your speech, but just because we have not done this yet. Just because. You would love it. as nice as it may sound on the page, I am certain it would be worlds better in practice.

I have ideas. I have such ideas of what to do to you, with you, for you, to make you do.

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