Krystaline and Matt (punkrockangel06) wrote in 2k2_sex_journal,
Krystaline and Matt

Hey guys! this is Matt! Im sorry for our LONG LONG absense! We have been so busy it is insane. Here is our next story!

Krystaline and I got married. It was the most AMAZING experience of my life. It was a beautiful ceremony, reception AND honeymoon of course. I cant explain it. It was so magical. I love her so much.

Heres the recap of Chapter VI: The most amazing vaction ever.
Anyways, here is a story, just from me. Krys doesn't know Im writing it! Shes in for a big surprise.

So, lets get it goin.

No matter how much I try, her parents STILL hate me. They enjoyed the wedding but I just have that feeling they dont like bit. They just aren't happy when I'm around. It sorta sucks. It is probably because Krys told them how we met. Not the best thing to tell your parents, but I guess that they deserve the truth. They can't feel bad about it though, look how strong it is. She loves her parents, but she is also irritated that they dont like me. She just doesn't understand either.

Anyways, we had to go visit them. It doesn't fancy me but hey, they give us christmas presents and such. Being nice never hurts. We actually drove speed limit to their house, discussing a strategy of what to and not to talk about. We even talked about not having sex, just to leave a good impression. Everyone hears us have sex.

That idea changed the moment we stepped in the front door. Her parents had the fake smiles. The weekend would never end and we both knew it.

We all went shopping around then went out to dinner. Krystaline and I were careful and didn't show too many signs of affection. I think it eased things with her parents, a little. We just have to inch it.

When we got home that night, we watched tv with them, talked and that was it, thank god. Krys and I were of course in seperate rooms, but luckily we had our cell phones, we talked the for about an hour. Eventually she heard her dad snoring and knew it was a perfect time to sneak over. She hung up the phone without a word, and came into my room. I got up off the bed and walked to her and gave her a kiss, a small kiss, nothing big.

We walked back over to the bed and watched tv. Unfortunately we couldn't keep our hands off of eachother. She kissed me on the cheek and started to undo my pants. I tried to stop her, but she refused. She needed me bad. I understood but I didnt need her parents to wake up. I do really good usually but when I need it too, it is not quiet, for either of us. She undid my pants, and thats it. She waited and kissed me again, then waited.

At that moment I grabbed her and threw her onto her back. She smiled and I took off her shirt and bra. I gave her a kiss and took off my shirt. She wrapped her arms around my back and I laid ontop of her and we kissed a couple times. It wasn't anything crazy. We just stared in eachothers eyes. I just love looking in them, I get so lost. She rubbed my back and she pushed me off of her and rolled me onto my back.

She took off my pants and her own, slowly. It reminded me of a really good sex tease. She laid next to me and got out a small vibrator. This was a shock to me, a rather large shock actually. She put it right on her clit and started to get off immediately. Ten seconds later i heard a real big moan and covered her mouth with my hand. It wasnt keeping her any quieter. I was getting harder and she was getting louder and louder. I figured the only way to shut her up was to stick my dick in her.

I swung my leg over her and stuck my dick in her mouth as soon as she got a big moan. Luckily it did quiet her up but she didnt want my dick in her mouth at all. She shoved me away. Two minutes later, she orgasmed...really loud. I started to freak out. I could have sworn that her parents would wake up, but once she was quiet I could still hear her dad snoring....which is a good sign.

Once she calmed down, she smiled at me and leaned up to kiss me. I handed her clothes to her and had her put them back on. She did and I put mine on. I grabbed her hand and lead her outside...quietly of course. Luckily she lived in the country. I took her inside of this huge barn that had a very nice loft in it. In fact, her brother lived in it for a while, so it was all in tact.

I pushed her onto the bed. We just had to move outside, it was the only choice. There Krys was free to make as many sounds as she needed. She was already horny as hell and had already finished foreplay. I was ready too. I laid on top of her and kissed her once on the lips. I nibbled at her ears and neck while I started to slowly enter her. She gasped from my size because she was so tight from the previous orgasm.

I wanted to torture her and put her through so much anxiety. Hell, thats what she did to me. I have never seen her do anything like that. I started with slow full thrusts into her. I think she enjoyed that a lot, but she wanted more, so much more. She looked me straight in the eye and begged for more. A lot more. But I knew what to do. I stopped. I didn't move at all. I massaged her breasts and kissed her a couple of times. When she refused to kiss me I nibbled on her neck a little. Then I went for the kiss again and when she kissed me, i started to thrust into her slowly again. She started to catch onto my games, but not very well.

I sped up my thrusts just a little but she started to beg for me to go faster. I knew she wanted it more than anything, I could see it in her eyes and her pussy. It was wetter than ever. I stopped again. She wasn't happy at all. I could tell she was gettin pissy. She just wanted all of me in her at the speed she wanted. I nibbled on her nipple and went up to kiss her. She thrust her tounge in my mouth. I knew she was almost ready. I went all the way out and started to grind my hips against her. She groaned a little.

I positioned my dick right on her opening. I had a little of my head in her. She could feel it. She pushed down to try to get more of me in her. I knew her games too well. I pulled away. I tried to kiss her again and she pulled away. I tried for the neck and she squirmed away. I even tried for her nipples and she moved away again. I knew it was the right time. I thrust all the way into her as hard as I possibly could.

She screamed with pleasure. I kept pounding her as hard fast and deep as I could. She was going crazy. She wanted nothing more. We needed eachother more than ever.

It didn't take her more than 2 mintues before she hit orgasm. She screamed with pleasure like never before. I've NEVER heard her scream like this. I wanted it to never end. But that was the only orgasm I could get out of her. But I knew it was like a 3 in one combo.

I kept going at her, just so I could finish, and I did. I came deep in her. It seemed like I had never gone that deep. It was amazing.

We laid together, and melted as one. We kissed a couple times passionately. We both knew we had to get inside. It was 1 in the morning. We went back inside, kissed and went our separate ways. We woke up the next morning for another day of hell before we had to leave...
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