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A first Attempt at story writing

Ok this is my first attempt at writing a story that is not for english class. I welcome all comments and suggestions. After the first initial meeting and trust had been gained, you would be brought to the room immediately. Once inside the room, you would first be collared and stripped of any lingering doubt you had. You would be ordered to strip in front of my husband and I until the only item left is the collar and leash we placed around your neck locked with a master. After serving any libations to us and any other guest in the room, you would be required to present yourself to the group. You better hope that what we see pleases us, which is that your cunt is dripping wet from anticipation of the floggings and abuse about to be poured into your mind and body. When the group is satisfied with the view, a blind fold would be put into place tightly covering your eyes to block any light from your view. You are led by a leash from person to person so that they can get a better look at what you have to offer. Most of them put a finger or two inside your cunt to test the tightness. Some discover that you are not just tight enough for them, which mean for you a harsh paddling of your pussy lips. They find that the beating of your cunt has caused enough swelling of your cunt to somewhat satisfy their needs for now.
You are then led to a table and forced to lie on your stomach with your ass in the air presenting for all present. What you didn’t see was the bag full of all types of toys. Enough different types of toys to drive anybody wild with delight. A ball gag was forced over your head and into your mouth to keep your screams somewhat muffled from anybody that might come near the room. Someone decides that the table just won’t suit what they have in mind for you, throws you over their shoulder to take you to the bed. After being thrown down on the bed face down, you feel the cold sting of metal cuffs against your wrist, the group chuckles as you wince at the tightness of your new restraints. Legs are spread as wide as they go and tied with rope to something unknown to you, but you don’t care for your cunt is dripping wet. A pillow is placed under your stomach to prop up your ass. The room goes quite- the only noise you hear is the hum of the air conditioner and jazz music playing that you don’t remember if it has been playing the whole time or if it just started.
SLAP! Your screams are muffled by that damn ball gag. The first blow from a leather paddle has been struck perfectly placed in the middle of your now red ass. A total of six more blows land against your ass while you scream into the gag. The pain is so great that tears are starting to flow down your cheeks. A female guest laughs as she wipes the tears away and says “Oh! Don’t start crying now you fucking bitch, the pain is only starting!” She takes a whip and beats your ass for two minutes without even a single pause. The room breaks out in laughter. You believe it is the same woman who is now positioning herself so your head is in her lap. You breathe the scent of her cunt in deeply and almost forget the pain on your ass. She starts to massage your breast and tweaks your nipples. All of a sudden you feel the cold metal of clamps placed on your hard nipples. Almost too tight, almost. You then feel the same pain on your outer pussy lips. You then realize that the nipple clamps are connected to the pussy lips clamps. More juices start to flow out of your cunt.
The only thing in the room you are now aware of is the cunt you face is in. The smell is driving you wild. You hardly even notice the parade of slaps and tweaks against your exposed ass and cunt. All you yearn to do is get you mouth and tongue in that unattainable pussy. SLAM! What has to be the biggest dildo you have ever felt is rammed into your dripping cunt. You decide to keep the screams down as to not receive the wrath of her again. It must have hit the end with the pain you now feel. The pain that fades quickly enough once you breathe in the cunt again. All you can think is “why is she still wearing her panties? I just want a taste.” You wish the ball gag was never forced on. You want to ask her to please take off the panties, but all she can hear is your moaning.
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