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Krystaline and Matt

Sorry It's been so long since an update! But here it is!

Everyone knows from our stories that my Matt loves to surprise me and make me feel like the most important person ever. Well finally it's my turn to show my love towards my Matti dearest. He knows I love him more than anything in this world, but I wanted my actions to show it. We both agree that love don't cost a thing but a surprise every so often doesn't hurt.

I didn't have to go to school or work, so my plan was to surprise my matti baby. he had to work all day until 6. that gave me plenty of time. I was only going to buy him 2 things anyways.

My first stop was a traveling agency. I bought 2 tickets for a cruise on the Caribbean. He will love that a lot. We both need a vacation. The second stop was a strip club. I knew I was crazy for doing this but I knew it was a PERFECT idea. I talked to a girl there who was absolutely beautiful. She stood at 5'6 with blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She had to weigh 120 pounds at the most. I knew she was the one. I made a deal with her to be at our house at 5:30 and i gave her a $100 down payment.

*later that night*

She arrived at the door and i hurried up and had her go to our room. I had her lay down on the bed and I told her to wait there. Matt came home 15 minutes early but I wasn't worried. He came inside and I jumped on him and kissed him passionately. He held me and kissed me back. He let go and i sank back to the ground. I told him to stay where he was and I ran into the living room and ran back. I had him turn around and I blindfolded him. I knew he was smiling. He always wanted to see this side in me.

I led him to the bedroom and had him sit down a chair that sits in our room. It was overlooking the bed. He sat down and I got on the bed with Lily. I laid down and she got on top of me. I told him to take off his blindfold. He did and I saw him smile so big. Lily and I said surprise at the same time and he wanted to just come up to us but I said stop before he got up. He sat back down and watched. He started to rub his cock already. I knew this was his fantasy. What guy wouldn't want to watch this?

She leaned down and kissed me and I kissed her back. We knew we didn't want to do this. She ripped off my clothes and tied me to the bed with some ties she brought. I was already horny and I knew Matt was too. I didn't even look at him. I was just so wrapped up in what was happening because I secretly wanted this too. I heard him run out of the room but I didn't care. I knew Matti wasn't doin this because he was disgusted. Lily was massaging my breasts and rubbing my nipples. They were starting to get very erect. I heard Matti run back in and sit back down. He grabbed the video camera and decided to tape this all.

He heard my moans as Lily went down my stomach and to my pussy. She spread my lips waited a minute. She looked up at me. I was begging for her to touch me. I started to say something and she took another tie and gagged me with it so i couldn't say anything. She smiled and went back down. She quickly flicked my clit. I let out a moan. Lily smacked my ass and told me not to make any noises. I nodded my head and looked over at my Matti. He wasn't even looking anymore. He was stroking his cock slowly but he was in heaven. Lily started to lick all of my pussy. I was trying so hard not to moan. It was soooo hard. Especially since I couldn't do anything to try to calm myself down since I was tied down. I started to fidgit back and forth. Lily dug a finger in me. I screamed inside and my eyes flew wide open. I was loving this. Not being able to moan made me so horny. She kept going slowly and looked up at me. She saw me looking down at her. She smiled and took off the tie covering my mouth.

She told me I could moan. I smiled and relief flew through my body. She stuck another finger in me. I moaned so loudly. Matt looked over at us and got up off the chair. He kissed Lily and jealousy went through me. He untied me and then kissed me. Lily kept ramming her fingers in me. I was trying not to moan while Matti was kissing me. It was really hard. He knew I needed to then started to kiss my neck. I started to moan again. I wanted to scream. I reached over and played with his cock. He kissed me even more deeply and played with my clit while Lily finger fucked me. I started to scream. Lily stuck a third finger in me and went even harder than before. Matti squeezed my clit then started to play with it. I started to orgasm and all my juices went all over Lily's hand. She licked them up and tried to feed them to Matt but he refused. She couldn't understand.

She got up and put her clothes on and things together. She gave me her card and I have her the other $100. She wrote on the back of the card for me to call her within the next 2 days for a $50 refund. I knew I should do that. I sat back on the bed with Matti. I didn't understand why he wouldn't lick my juices. I don't think Lily understood either. I kissed him and he kissed me back. He said he noticed he loved me and kissing another woman felt like he was cheating on me. He knew that it was a suprise for him, and that he should have went with it, but he coudln't. He's glad I went with it though. He enjoyed it. I looked down and he was still horny. I knew it was a perfect time to give him the second part of the surprise.

I got up and handed him an envelope. He opened it and saw two tickets for a 7 day Caribbean cruise. He smiled and kissed me. He was so happy. He kissed me again then laid me down gently. He spread my legs and entered me. I just had an orgasm but I was so ready for ANYTHING. Matti knew it. He started slow and refused to gain. I started gripping the bed and he knew i was getting very tight by the actions i did. He started giong even faster and faster. I was so reaching my climax fast. I wanted this man to stay in me forever. I wanted him to keep fucking me forever. Eventually I did reach climax and then he went faster and followed me a minute later. This time he withdrawed and let me rub his cock until he came all over my face. It was warm and sweet. We cleaned up eachother and started packing.

Sorry that I didn't write about the 7 days but here is a nice summary.

Matti and I left from the airport and i even got us first class tickets. Decided to go crazy. The whole way there we watched the movie and I laid my head on his schoulder. He kissed me every so often. We took a night flight so we fell asleep pretty fast. When we got to our destination we stayed in a hotel. Nothing fancy. We got there, were still pretty tired but went to the hot tub, played around on there a little, then went back to the room. We showered together, he gave me a nice massage, then we got out and dried off. I laid in bed and he followed me. He laid his head on me and we fell asleep again. We woke up early and got to the cruise ship. We walked the deck, met tons of new people, went gambling and tons of stuff. We didn't have much sex on the cruise though! Amazing huh? Instead we got to know eachother even better, to know our dreams, hopes and feelings. We hung out and had a great time. We went dancing a lot. I love dancing. He doesn't, but he loves me, so he didn't care. Slow dancing, ball room dancing and even the cha cha. that was a bunch of fun for both of us.

One AMAZING thing we did was we separated from the group because we had 4 hours to explore the little town we stopped in. Did we explore the town? Of course, for about an hour. We thought it sucked. The other guests liked it. So we took off and found the beach, no one was there. He kissed me, and held me close. And we had sex, on the beach with a little water flowing up to us. It was slow and passionate, and amazing.

We got back, so relaxed, ready to take on everything. We knew after this vacation, we were made for eachother. Nothing could separate us. I know every couple says this during the beginning of their relationships, and towards the middle, but no one understands the relationship we have. We are very romantic instead of passionate. We live to make eachother happy. We don't show displays of affection in public. We'll kiss, hold hands or hold eachother, but we're not gonna start making out. Every day with eachother is totally new with totally new feelings that are stronger. Just knowing one loves the other fuels us. We don't have sex just because, we do it to feel closer to eachother. We know eachother. We know what we want out of eachother, without saying a word.

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