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Just an update!

Hey everyone! It's Matt actually. I hope everyone is doing well.

Krys wanted me to update to let ya know whats goin on with us.
We're getting closer to July 7, 2005 but it's gonna take a while. Yeah, we're still havin sex everyday or sometimes more.

She's absolutely amazing. I love my Krystaline with all my heart. I can't explain these feelings. She's funny, smart, beautiful, giving, warm and passionate. And that just begins to explain her. To me she's perfect. We've never had a huge fight and I hope that continues. She's my baby girl.

Anyways, it may seem like we live in a fairytale world. It is for us. We have this love for eachother that no one can touch. It's so strong. We're in love. Everything here is 100% true.

Her fantasy stories are now friends only in our journal. Each chapter will just be added so it's one large story so keep a look out! Krys also decided Part VI will be about her surprise towards me. It is a GREAT story. Part VII will be all of my writing. We're excited that our stories are becoming THIS popular.

Please, if you have any questions, comments or concerns to leave a comment and ask us or tell us and we'll answer it!

Krys wants me to get more involved with this journal. I agree with her.

Matt and Krystaline
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